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The Learningworks Foundation

We are an approved 501c3 organization that recognizes the importance of self-directed learning as providing a more effective, long-lasting and enjoyable method of learning about anything. Hence, the Foundation is driven to foster learning across all disciplines and all ages through various collaborative, interactive, and mind-molding programs and activities. We are currently seeking out and/or creating opportunities for individuals, small groups and/or governmental agencies/businesses to engage in meaningful learning experiences, events and opportunities within an experiential world. This can include any learning area (although our initial focus will be on science and math) and may incorporate technology, printed resources and other "materials;" experiments and demonstrations; field trips, excursions and other indoor and outdoor hands-on, mind-on experiences; and internships/mentorships. During 2015 we plan to host/organize several local learning events (e.g., a dining experience that focuses on "The Science of Cooking;" a full-day science program at the April Immokalee Balloon Festival; and several summer weather camps (middle and high school). The Learningworks Foundation, Inc. will raise and distribute funds/in-kind donations to support the above learning activities both locally and nationwide.
H. Michael Mogil / Barbara G. Levine
(202) 742-2806

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