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The Salvation Army

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Provides emergency assistance for homeless individuals and families, correctional services, programs for youth seniors and disaster services. Location of the Voluntary Interim Placement Enhanced Recovery Program (VIPER). The Salvation Army Center of Hope Emergency Shelter serves 600-700 meals a day- breakfast, lunch and dinner- 365 days a year. They aspire to provide nutritional and appetizing meals for clients that are in crisis and struggling. Families do not have to be homeless to be hungry. For emergency assistance from the FOOD PANTRY, those in need should contact their Social Services Office for help. SPECIAL EVENTS also help feed local residents that can benefit from extra food. Contact the Center of Hope for expanded serving hours for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.


1400 10th Street, Sarasota, Florida
(941) 364-8845
Fax: (941) 954-4645


M-F 8:30a.m. - 4 p.m.


We provide info for resources in these Southwest Florida counties: