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Photopatch Foundation


Many Children who have an incarcerated parent(s) have not spoken, seen or in anyway communicated with their parent(s) in weeks, months and sometimes years. Every month, we ask children to upload letters and pictures that they would like to send to their parents. Photo Patch will print, package, sign, seal and ship the mail for them...and you, the Sponsor! Every month each child needs what we call a Sponsor: When you opt to pay for a child to send photos and letters to their parent, Photo Patch will do all of the grunt work. We ensure: Quality photos and letters are printed Photos and letters are placed in prison-appropriate packaging Envelopes have valid shipping and return addresses Envelopes have sufficient amount of postage attached The child's mail is delivered in a timely fashion Children are notified that their mail has been printed, packaged and shipped


3200 Summit Blvd, Suite 19957, West Palm Beach, FL 33406


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