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Forty Carrots Family Center - Parenting Program

Counties served:

Manatee, Sarasota


Forty Carrots’ Parenting Program has been shaped by the belief that all parents - regardless of socioeconomic status, educational background, age or other factors - deserve access to information, education and support in order to do the best possible job raising their children. Forty Carrots’ programming is facilitated by professionally trained Parenting Educators and Licensed Mental Health Therapists that travel through the community delivering a unique combination of parenting education, early childhood education and early literacy. The Parenting Program's free Community Outreach parenting education and mental health services travel throughout our community to reach families and children facing specific challenges. Parents and Caregivers with their children (ages 0-5) play and learn in our unique, fun, informative, and free offerings.


Meredith Piazza
1500 S. Tuttle Ave., Sarasota, FL 34239
Fax: 941952-1711


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